Nature activities in Franche-Comté

  • Ballad in Jura

    Ballad in Jura

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  • Nature in Jura

    Nature in Jura

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    Waterfall in Jura

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Nature activities in Franche-Comté 25000 Besançon fr

Water plays a major role in Franche-Comté, as there is a wonderful collection of cascades spectaculaires (the Dard, the Hérisson, etc.),  exceptional reappearances of some rivers (the Lison and the Loue), rivers that make fishing enthusiasts' dream come true, natural and artificial lakes.


A hike in the Franche-Comté is not only often broken up by gourmet stops but also by quieter atmospheres (the Risoux forest, the source of the river Doubs near Mouthe) or magnificent landscapes: the "landslide" cliffs known as "reculées", panoramic ridges stretching right up to an altitude of 1700 metres dominating the basin of Lake Geneva, etc. The GR 9 and GR 59 hiking trails criss-cross the region and the mountain range.


For mountain-bikers, the Jura mountains offer a roads that hold all the major records, with all the cross-country ski trails covering hundreds of kilometres, which you can either do as a loop or just aim for the horizon For cyclotourists, the paths of Eurovélo 6 are already operational in Franche-Comté.

Navigable waterways

Exploring the region from the water is every bit as appealing: river cruises or barge-B&Bs sail down an unusual type of river, eventually reaching the famous waterfalls known as the Saut du Doubs. The Rhine-Rhône canal, which links the German river to the Saône, is ideal for boating. It passes through the towns of Besançon and Dole.


The Rivers in Franche-Comté are well known among fishing fanatics. The Loue, 126 kilometres (80 miles) long, is ranked as one of the top fishing rivers in Europe. It is also a popular destination for canoeing and kayaking.

Caves and chasms

 This region houses no less than 500 caves and chasms, which are also known as balms or wells. These underground areas are quite exceptional and provide a wonderful opportunity for extraordinary spelunking.

Mountain Sports

Mont d’Or is home to one of the largest natural forests in the mountains of Europe. It is an exceptional natural heritage and offers an vast array of activities such as skiing, Nordic skiing, and mountain biking.

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