A heavenly honeymoon

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A heavenly honeymoon pf

French Polynesia

A very popular destination for honeymoons, Tahiti  and   its  surrounding islands attract many couples looking for a romantic holiday.
Polynesia is a unique  place  where dream  and reality are one.

Fans of romance will take the first major step  in their  life together, whether by marriage or just a union,  in this  wonderful  setting: a traditional Tahitian wedding  ceremony is definitely one of the most beautiful gifts for future couples or newlyweds, on their honeymoon,  to re-confirm  their  vows or to simply celebrate an anniversary.
A new  law which recently passed in France has made it easier for foreigners to  get  married in  French  Polynesia: couples can  now get  married legally without  having  to live in the  territory for one month before the wedding.

The hotels welcoming  the  newlyweds are generally made up of luxurious, traditional thatched-roof bungalows built with all the  amenities of a first- class hotel  room and  perched above the turquoise lagoon waters. These‘islet-hotels’ are  completely integrated  into the landscape without  being confined  to one space, and  provide  a discreet service, meaning each couple can enjoy this paradise in privacy.
In addition to their legendary hospitality, these unique hotels now also offer such classic services as water therapy and  wellness services, based around the legendary Monoi oil. This fragrant oil is produced using Tiare flowers, and has been known  for its health bene- fits for over 2000 years and is found in many body and soul treatments.

Activities include swimming and world-class snorkelling in  the  safe crystal-clear lagoons that  are  scatte- red around  this romantic getaway.

Flippers, a mask and a snorkel are all that’s needed to locate and  observe the natural treasures only two or three metres deep. For you gentlemen, a visit to a farm of pearl oysters is essential to give your sweetheart a unique souvenir. 

New Caledonia

By heading to New Caledonia, honeymooners can  experience not  only beautiful beaches, but also  a certain novelty. For example travellers can select a more nomadic holiday as tour operators offer journeys around the ‘satellite islands’ of Grande  Terre. Landing in Nouméa, the  beflowered and  joyful capital, you’ll soon  head towards the nearby  Ile des  Pins. This island, where pine trees take over from coconut trees, is scattered with luxuriously exotic hotels.

The Islands of Lifou and Maré are a little bit wilder, but abound with solitary and immaculate beaches, perfect for a romantic one-to-one. The Caledonian spirit is a wise mix between French Pacific, rural,  Melanesian and  island cultures. These paradise islands are where  you can encounter tribes open to the  world but close  to their customary roots and keen to share their traditions. It’s also a bushcountry, rich in history, with long expanses of land and breathtaking landscapes.

With its distinctive traits, vocabulary, cuisine and  culture, New Caledonia offers its visitors the opportunity to discover an  authentic universe, far from clichés and mass tourism.

The French West Indies

Going to the French West Indies, Guadeloupe, Martinique and  St. Martin means deciding on a shorter journey, but  one  that  is every bit as original; rent a small, typically Creole villa, and spend traditional and festive evenings to the rhythm of the sensual‘biguine’  whilst sampling delicious local dishes.
There are various ways in which sweethearts can share a special moment. Chartered yachts, cruising yachts (with or without  a crew), and even  luxury  cruise ships can  all be booked  easily.
Furthermore, the quality of accommo- dation  on the  islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique has increased greatly, making it perfect for lovers to find theirideal getaway.

In Guadeloupe:  La Créole  Beach  & Spa 4*; Toubana & Spa 4*; Plantation Resort Golf & Spa 4*; Club Med 4*; Fort Royal 3*; The Tendacayou Home & Spa.
In Martinique:  la  Suite  Villa;  Cap Macabou; Plein  Soleil;  and  le  Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa  has been awarded a fifth star.

The French West Indies are also known as a well-being destination.  Do not miss the  hot springs supplied with hot water  from the  Soufrière volcano in Guadeloupe like the ‘Source  de Thomas’ in Bouillant; the hot baths of Matouba; the  yellow baths of Saint- Claude; the sulfurous Baths of Sofaïa; and the Hot Springs of Dolé.
The mud baths of Babin beach in Vieux- Bourg, Guadeloupe, have been known to treat rheumatism, and will leave the skin of couples soft and smooth.

In St. Martin, enjoy the spa facilities and well-being centres of the island such as the Radisson St. Martin Resort, Marina & Spa and La Samanna, or at the Marquis Hotel Resort & Spa.