Golfing overseas: escape guaranteed!

Golfing overseas: escape guaranteed! 97400 Saint-Denis re

With 14 courses and over 7,237 members, the wide range of golf courses available overseas are the new travel paradise for aficionados of the sport, who enjoy unforgettable trips and discovery of exceptional natural sites. Thanks to the growing popularity of golfing as a travel activity, courses are constantly improving themselves to provide players with the best experiences and facilities possible… total escape guaranteed!


The course at Bassin Bleu is located at Gilles les Hauts, on the western side of the Island. The first part of its 18-hole course overlooks the Indian Ocean, and the second part finds itself in the midst of a eucalyptus forest. This unique setting plays host every year to the International Open of Réunion, the only stop on the French circuit that takes place overseas. Also located on the island of Réunion are the Golf du Colorado and Golf Club de Bourbon.

New Caledonia

Situated in the dreamlike setting of the South Pacific, with the largest coral lagoon in the world, white sandy beaches and colourful, fragrant flora, New Caledonia has three major golf courses: La Ouenghi, Dumbéa
and Golf de Tina, an internationally recognized course located within a 90 hectare park full of lush vegetation and boasting unbeatable views of the lagoon.

French Polynesia

The 18-hole course at Golf International de Tahiti is known for being one of the most beautiful in the world, with its exquisite views of the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean. On the island of Moorea, the Golf Moorea Green Pearl Club H also offers an exceptional option for golfers of all levels, from the recently introduced to seasoned professionals.


The island of Guadeloupe has two golf courses. Located in the center of the city, the Golf International de Saint-François is an exceptional 18-hole course, dotted with coconut trees, royal palms, sandy bunkers and small ponds near the lagoon’s clear waters. St. Martin’s Golf de Grand Case is also a very popular option.


Located in the town of Combani in the heart of Mayotte, just twenty kilometres from Mamoudzou, lies the Golf Club les Ylangs . This course boasts an unbeatable combination of  exoticism, simplicity and natural wonders as it lies on the jungle’s edge, punctuated with tropical plants and the hovering scent of ylang. Its 9-hole course with obstacles certainly requires concentration and technical precision.


The Golf de l'Anse is Guiana’s most popular course. The playing grounds sit just next to the Guiana Space
Centre, and its unique layout consists of three holes in the forest and six in the savannah. Guiana’s second course is the 9-hole Golf des 3 Collines, located on the Matiti savannah, just minutes from Kourou.