Gastronomy of Western France

  • Galette bretonne

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    Galette bretonne

    © Atout France/PHOVOIR

  • Camembert

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    © Atout France/PHOVOIR

Gastronomy of Western France

Whether in the Loire Valley, Normandy or Brittany, Western France has a variety of delicious flavours to offer anyone with a taste for the gourmet.

Loire Valley: the garden of France

Nestled between the Paris Basin and the Atlantic coast, the Loire Valley is the number one region in Europe for the production of freshly-picked leeks. In fact, the amount of fresh produce coming from the area certainly justifies its nickname of the Garden of France! Also notably coming from the Loire Valley are its wines, such as Cheverny, Touraine, and the prestigious reds ChinonBourgueil and Saint-Nicolas. 

In Tours, you can enjoy rillons (a dish made from pork) or rillettes (a spread similar to pâté) with a glass of red wine. And for dessert, try a delicious dried pear, nougat or prune-based candy.

 On the side of the Nantes region in the Loire Valley,
be sure to to taste one of the region’s specialty cookies, Beurre LU or Galette Saint-Michel.

Brittany: cuisine of the great

Located at the westernmost part of France, Brittany’s 1,000 km of coastline offers an unbeatable source of fresh seafood. If musselsoysters, lobster or scallops tickle your fancy, Brittany will not disappoint.

Brittany has many other well-known specialties as well. Among the most popular are its crepes,which are often accompanied with a cider.

The region’s well-known sweets include palets bretons (a shortbread), quatre-quart (pound cake), far breton (a flan-like dessert with prunes) or the famous Kouign Amann butter cake.

In Rennes, the capital of Brittany, the cuckoo is highly sought after for its meat and
eggs, and the petit gris snail is eaten with garlic, butter and parsley.


Normandy : The reign of apples and milk

Normandy’s gastronomic options are high-quality and wide in variety, making it an exciting culinary destination.

In fact, nearly every city has its own specialty: sole in Dieppe, Tripes à la mode de Caen (a meat dish), black pudding in Mortagneand andouille in Vire, just to name a few.

And Mont-Saint-Michel is not just famous for its imposing abbey: The island is also home to the famous Omelette de la Mère Poulard.

Normandy gastronomic reputation is also due to its cheeses, such as camembert, pont-l'évêque and livarot. And Normandy has another certain advantage in its apples, which is used to make ciders,calvados (a brandy) and the famous Normandy apple tart.