Exhilarating Outdoors in Champagne

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Exhilarating Outdoors in Champagne Champagne fr

Its not all about drinking the bubbly in Champagne. Your sojourn here also provides you with many
opportunities for an adrenalin rush.

Try some thrilling adventure sport activities on terra firma, in the water or even up in the air!  There is something for everyone.

Choose from sedate activities to the slightly more daring sports that challenge your physical skills.

There is a lot of action waiting for you in Champagne Ardenne!

Walking and Hiking

Let your feet do the walking... With
over 5,000 kms of sign posted footpaths (circular walks and long-distance
routes), serious walkers and hikers find their paradise in the region. You will
be accompanied by nature's diverse landscapes ranging from great forests, deep
valleys, open plains, vineyards, lakes and rivers. Enjoy themed walks such as :
Vineyard walks, legend walks, historical walks, waterside walks and nature


Here's your chance to explore the
great outdoors at an unhurried pace. Champagne Ardenne offers you an
opportunity to cycle your way to discovery. With 450 km of dedicated cycling
tracks, pedal away! Choose from short cycle rides best enjoyed with family and
friends, to longer circuits that take upto a day. Serious cyclists can also opt
for cycle routes traversing the region.

Up and Beyond!

Try your skills at accrobanching,
a sport that has gained tremendous popularity in Champagne Ardenne. Developed
in the early 1990s, this innovative activity involves tree to tree assault
courses at varying heights from the ground, secured with a harness. Its
increasing popularity has led many adventure parks in the region to include accrobanching
as part of their activities. Some unique ''in the air'' activities can be found

1: Le Chêne Perché:

A unique adventure awaits you at
le Chêne Perché - sleeping in a tree house! The adventure park offers you three
tree houses accommodating from 2 - 8 people. The excitement continues with tree
courses and cycling trails possible at the park.

2: Terraltitude

Located in the north of the
Ardennes, Terralitude presents 3 exciting activities for its adventure sport

1: Fantasticâble: Termed as the flagship activity of the park, prepare
for the thrill of your life, as you are safely harnessed and launched from mid
air at 110mts high. Enjoy a bird eye's view of nature's stunning topography as
you glide through the valley below!

2: Bungee - jumping: Terraltitude boasts of being the only fixed point
bungee jump in the North of France. Enjoy the thrills of diving straight down
from a platform 20m high!

3: Sensations Course: Is a series of high level suspended walkways,
swings and slides between the trees which test your balance skills with this
activity. A safety net below guarantees a harm free adventure!

Action on Water!

With over 25,000 acres of lakes,
the region gives you many opportunities to enjoy water sports such as kite - surfing,
jetskiing, canoeing, fishing, sailing and swimming. Head to the lakes for
action packed activities or just to relax and enjoy serene moments.

1:Lake of the Der

Locally known as the Lac du Der,
this is the largest manmade lake in all of Europe spanning 11,800 acres. With a
profusion of migrant birds flocking here, the area is also frequented by bird
watchers. Water sports enthusiasts can enjoy rowing, sailing, canoeing,
kayaking, pedal boating and many more such activities here. Three marinas and 6
beaches have also been created around the water's edge. A path all around the
lake has also been created for cycling, walking or rollerblading.

2: The 3 Lakes of the Forest of Orient

Cocooned in the heart of the
Orient Forest, Orient, Temple and Amance form the troika of the 3 lakes.
Comprising a total area of 12,000 acres, the lakes provide ideal opportunities
for water sports activities.


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