Everything you need to know about… treatments with water

  • © Atout France / Phovoir

    © Atout France / Phovoir

Everything you need to know about… treatments with water
  • Affusion shower: benefit from the soothing, sedating effects of lying under light, warm water showers.
  • Aquaroll: this hydro massage for hands and feet uses small beads to accomplish various percussion, kneading and friction techniques, for an intense feeling of wellbeing.  It increases flexibility, improves circulation, relieves pain and helps athletes recuperate faster. 
  • Body scrub: this preliminary treatment allows for better penetration of seawater's oligo-elements and mineral salts.  It also gets rid of dead cells, refines skin and stimulates blood circulation.
  • Contrast hydrotherapy for legs:  legs are immersed, one after the other, into two water-filled basins: the 10° temperature difference between the waters relieves circulation problems and heavy legs, among other ailments.
  • Evanescence bath: this scented, seawater bath, combined with a hydro massage performed by a hydrotherapy specialist, is topped off with a scalp massage using micro bubbles.
  • Hydro-jet: this relaxing dry technique, experienced while lying on the back on a hot water mattress, is a full-body massage given by the undulation of hot water under the mattress. 
  • Hydro massage bath: this bath promotes progressive drainage with a series of jets aimed at different parts of the body, relaxing muscles and joints and increasing blood circulation. 
  • Jet shower: to relax muscles and stimulate blood circulation, an adjustable jet is aimed over the whole body and onto areas selected specifically by a hydrotherapy specialist. 
  • Thalaxion: with 80 adjustable nozzles alternating pressure and temperature, this hydro massage bathtub works relief onto four different areas: feet, legs, thighs and belly.
  • Underwater jet sprays: this underwater jet massage, when combined with simple movements, limbers up the body and tones tissues.
  • Underwater shower: combining the benefits of a warm bath and massage, this treatment takes place in a bath, stimulating circulation for a relaxing, stress-relieving effect. 
  • Whirlpool bath: this bath treatment, an emulsion of air in warm water, is conducive to tissue oxygenation and overall relaxation.