Everything you need to know about… special treatments

  • © Atout France/Phovoir

    © Atout France/Phovoir

Everything you need to know about… special treatments
  • Biocatalytic oxygenation, or the Bol d’air Jacquier: using an essential oil of pine resin, this inhalation device brings oxygen to tissues, increases respiratory capacity and improves the quality of haemoglobin.  It works wonders against physical and mental fatigue.  
  • Cellulopress: this mechanically draining body contouring method works on abs, hips, buttocks and legs, helping to eliminate cellulite.  
  • Endermology: this combination of the pinch-and-roll massage and an aspiration technique, especially effective in reducing cellulite, is also used for treating skin problems and scars.
  • Fitness exercises: based on the Mézières method, these exercises consist of posterior muscle stretches and posture correction, while focusing on deep, controlled breathing.
  • Massothermy: this deep Shiatsu-type massage of the lower limbs and paravertebral area, optimised by infrared heated jade stones, acts on muscle tension and circulation problems while stimulating the flow of vital energy. 
  • Mother and baby massage: destined to teach mothers to relax and soothe their babies.
  • Oxygen therapy: while in an active oxygen chamber, the body receives oxygen-enriched steam, which helps rid the body of toxins through detoxification, revitalisation and regeneration.
  • Perineal and abdominal exercises: focusing on two areas that are highly solicited during childbearing, these exercises are designed to tone the pelvic floor and strengthen abdominal muscles post-pregnancy.
  • Physiotherapy in swimming pool: doing exercises in water allows muscles, tendons and joints to recover their flexibility and mobility, thus preventing and reducing physical dysfunctions. The body regains strength and suppleness, and is able to move without pain.
  • Pressotherapy: pressure is applied and released successively on legs to improve circulation and make legs feel lighter.