Everything you need to know about… body wraps

  • © Atout France/Eric Larrayadieu

    © Atout France/Eric Larrayadieu

Everything you need to know about… body wraps
  • Blissful, or "zenitude" wraps: a ritual composed of a warm, moisturizing wrap, a foot and facial sculpting session, and a refreshing mask. 
  • Cooling wraps: a seaweed-based lotion is applied to the lower limbs, activating circulation and providing an immediate, long-lasting feeling of lightness and coolness.  
  • Marine mud wraps: a thick layer of marine mud is applied on sensitive areas for an antalgic and anti-inflammatory effect, also invigorating skin with its rich, active elements.
  • Seaweed wraps: the whole body is covered in a layer of warm seaweed, optimising the penetration of oligo-elements. This wrap will replenish the body's minerals, revitalise or have a slimming effect, depending on the type of seaweed used.