Discover Martinique's green side!

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    The Montagne Peléé

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Discover Martinique's green side! 97200 Fort-de-France mq

Though small in size (685 square miles), Martinique boasts a whole world of natural wonders, making it one of the Caribbean’s top eco destinations.

So bountiful are the island’secotourism offerings, in fact, that Caribbean World Magazine has named Martinique “Best Eco Island of the Year 2012.”

Two-thirds of Martinique is designated as protected park, affording visitors to the island with a wide range of nature-themed vacation adventures from north to south.

Check out the large range of new excursions for 2013 !

EXCURSION 1 : Boating escape  

The St. Anne Islets Natural Reserve offers unspoiled nature in an idyllic setting, where the turquoise water caresses white-sand beaches. Accompanied by a tour guide, you will enjoy a whole day of relaxation, exploring the amazing flora of the mangrove and its unusual fauna, etc.

A boat excursion, a hike, warm crystalline water, and Creole cuisine have all been planned to bring you this unforgettable experience.

BONUS: A Drum Workshop

EXCURSION 2: The pleasure of mother nature 

Discover the breath taking beauty of Martinique’snatural treasures, with a tour guide on the Caravelle Trail (3 hours). The Caravelle Peninsula, a haven of greenery surrounded by the Atlantic ocean antits thousand shades of bluewas the first part of Martinique to emergefrom the ocean (25 million years ago).

Recommendations: wear a hat, good shoes and carry plenty of water.

On yourway back, drinks and lunch willbeserved on site at Château Dubuc.

BONUS: A workshop about weaving the bakwa ("bakoua"), a plant fiberused to make the famous Bakoua, Martinique's traditional hat.

EXCURSION 3: Mountain feeling 

For the mostseasonedhikers, climbing the famous Mt. Pelée, a level-3 hike, is an unforgettableexperience in the veryheart of nature. On the highest point of Martinique (1,390 m), youwillmarvelat a panorama of extraordinarily green and blueslopes.

For the less experienced the Domaine d’Emeraude, nestled between the Pitons du Carbet and Mount Pelée, is a magnificent place to view and learn about biodiversity. “Here, you can hear the air, taste the smells and experience the sounds.”

BONUS: Jewelry workshop

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