Cruise around the Island of Beauty

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Cruise around the Island of Beauty Ajaccio fr

There is a reason why Corsica is called the “Island of Beauty”. Gulfs on rocky coasts, bays and coves, cliffs and beaches… let yourself be dazzled by the thousand kilometres of Corsican coastline.

There is no better way to discover this facet of the mountain in the middle of the sea than on a cruise.

For a unique weeklong experience, a catamaran will allow you to discover the deserted rocky inlets, crystal clear waters and heavenly landscapes that Corsica has to offer. Stop in the lovely cities of Ajaccio, Calvi, Bastia, all marked with the spirit of Corsica and explore the natural wonders of Calanque of Piana, the gulf of Girolata or the gulf of Valenco.

How to get there?

  • With Costa Cruise:
    From Toulon, Costacruise offers a route passing by Corsica, Italy and Malta. The trip lasts 11 days on board a liner. Your Corsican stop will be in Propriano.
    From Marseille, the cruise line takes you to Spain, the Balearic Islands and Corsica during a 5-day trip. Your Corsican stop will be in Ajaccio.
  • Croisier'a Corse:
    On a catamaran, a sailing cruise aroud Corsica with a skipper is guaranteed peace for you, your family and your friends.
    Several areas in Corsica are waiting to be discovered, and so single hulled vessels and catamarans are located in Calvi, Ajaccio, St Florent, Bastia, Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio. Return and one-way trips are offered (where the port of departure is different than the landing port.)

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