The Bordeaux Wine route in Graves and Sauternes

  • © Atout France / Phovoir

    © Atout France / Phovoir

The Bordeaux Wine route in Graves and Sauternes Bordeaux fr

Three thematic itineraries to discover the Bordeaux wine region: 

  • Wine & heritage,
  • Wine & river,
  • and Wine & local products. 

Along these themed itineraries, visitors are invited to discover Graves and Sauternes wines, essential vineyards of the Bordeaux region.


Wine and heritage

In this itinerary, architectural monuments reveal Bordeaux's wine-making history and its powerful influence over the years. From medieval fortresses to famous writers' houses by way of simple bread ovens, the stone, witness of the architectural evolution of the region, century after century, becomes art and illustrates the density of the Bordeaux wines.

Wine and river

The Garonne River runs through Bordeaux's vineyards and contributing to the prosperity of the soil and the quality of wine. From the "Port de La Lune" to the Deux Mers Canal, passing through the Landes forest, the waterways' diversity brings perspective to the economic dimension of the Bordeaux vineyard.

Wine and local products

The quality of Bordeaux wines also results from the ancestral savoir-faire of the wine-growers, blessed by a unique soil. Curious visitors can learn more about this ancestral knowledge. The vines' prosperity also comes from the contrasted landscape: on the verge of pine forests or sometimes even in the heart of a forest for a full flavoured wine with complex aromas.


Practical information 

A new multimedia-GPS has been issued, to guide visitors along the Bordeaux vineyards.

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