Bienvenue en France: enjoy a taste of France

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Bienvenue en France: enjoy a taste of France Tours fr

Who better than the French to share their love of France?

On this basis, the Bienvenue en France travel agency has a large range of travel packages to offer: Discovery tours in small groups, Tailor-made packages to fulfill almost any desire for travel experiences based on tourism, culture or sport and courses to provide a hands-on opportunity to discover the world of French wine, cheese and pastries.

Tours in small groups

Tours are designed to avoid  the whirlwind sightseeing tours, with herds of tourists packed on to overheated coaches, They, aim at exploring the traditions of the Loire Valley, Alsace, Paris and the surrounding regions.

The tours cater for small groups of 6 to 8 participants, and offer the chance to discover and explore a number of French traditions and artisan crafts. The agency organizes visits to small family-run businesses specializing in luxury goods such as soap and silk, enabling visitors to discover the art of watch-making and admire the skills of crystal glassmakers. Throughout their stay, travelers are accommodated in top class hotels, enjoy gourmet meals.

Taylor-made destination

Taylor-made holiday destinations are also an option yet to be offered by Bienvenue en France agency.

‘’The needs of customers both individual travellers and businesses come first in the agency’ tells Floscel AUBERT, the director agency. Some of the several theme visits proposed include buggy tours through vineyards, canal barge cruises in the South of France, or short breaks in authentic manor houses...Bienvenue en France also caters for sporting events such as the Le Mans 24-hour race or the Roland Garros tennis tournament.

Take course of French ‘’art de vivre ‘’

How can you possibly claim to have in-depth knowledge of France without knowing about its wines, cheeses and cuisine? These are some of the appetising course themes offered by Bienvenue en France, designed to delight the most demanding gourmet travellers.

Pastry-making courses, for food lovers only…

Macarons, financier cakes, soufflés and charlottes… This two-day course is dedicated to learning the secrets of these famous French delicacies:

  • 1 half-day of theory,
  • 3 half-day pastry workshops,
  • 2 gourmet dinners.

Wine induction courses

a 3-day initiation or advanced course for visitors to discover wines of the Loire Valley:

  • 3 morning sessions, part theory and part wine tasting, led by a well-known French wine expert,
  • 2 wine tasting afternoons with visits to cellars and vineyards and the possibility to take part in various wine-growing activities.
  • 3 gourmet dinners.

At the end of the course, a formal induction ceremony is organised by one of the wine brotherhoods of Vouvray, Bourgueil or Chinon.

Enjoy a full-flavoured cheese course!

There is so much to learn about French cheeses... Designed for all, these full 3-day courses teach you all there is to know.
Under the supervision of Rodolphe Le Meunier, who was awarded the titles of Best Craftsman in France and World Cheese Champion, the program includes:

  • a 3-morning course on milking, with an introduction to cheese production and maturing techniques,
  • 3 cheese-tasting lunches,
  • 1 afternoon session focusing on theory, with Rodolphe Le Meunier
  • 1 afternoon tour of the traditional market in the city of Tours, followed by a tasting session at the Rodolphe Le Meunier cheese shop,
  • 1 afternoon visit to Chenonceau Castle, and a gourmet

For more information

Agence Aubert Ermisse
10, Place de la Victoire
37000 Tours - FRANCE
Tel: +33 (0) 247 37 54 47

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