WOMEN IN DIOR, the sublime elegance of a portrait. At the Dior Museum in Granville, Normandy

From May 05, 2016 to September 25, 2016
WOMEN IN DIOR, the sublime elegance of a portrait. At the Dior Museum in Granville, Normandy 1 rue d’Estouteville 50400 granville fr

As part of the Normandy Impressionist festival in 2016dedicated to the theme of portraiture, the exhibition of the Christian Dior museum invites visitors to discover the work and inspiration of the great couturier through women who have chosen to wear his creations.


After the designer has made his sketches, the seamstresses have sewn the garments, and the models have walked the catwalk, fashion creations take on a new dimension when they come into contact with clients who adapt the clothing to their personality and the world in which they live. A dress worn by the client takes on her identity, with all of its uniqueness and its history.


The exhibition offers a glimpse into the sublime moments in the lives of clients enhanced by the creations of Dior. It shows how Dior helps to "make women more beautiful," in the words of Christian Dior, and to build their social identity. The exhibition Women in Dior reveals the allure of Dior's celebrity clients, belonging as much to the world of the aristocracy, entertainment, theater or cinema, as to the figures of French and foreign elegance.These portraits in Dior evoke personalities that are emblematic of refinement and distinction, like the Duchess of Windsor, Princess Grace of Monaco, Lady Diana, Jackie Kennedy, Princess Soraya, or stars like Maria Callas, Elizabeth Taylor, Olivia de Havilland, Josephine Baker, and Marilyn Monroe. This panorama of today's stars also includes Marion Cotillard, Charlize Theron, and Rihanna. Important customers and those who were close to Christian Dior—Geneviève Page, Suzanne Luling or Mitzah Bricard—are also represented.


The selection of models that are the women dressed in Dior display the many ways to embody the style of the Dior fashion house, from the most "out-there" to
the most discreet. Ninety dresses, photographs, drawings and paintings highlight the elegance of women in Dior and the moments when the creations of Dior became one with their appearance and personality. Magazines show them in the context of events and social gatherings. Memories, anecdotes, family portraits, and pictures published in the press serve to highlight the uniqueness of each.




Musée Christian Dior
1 rue d’Estouteville
Villa Les Rhumbs
50400 Granville