Polynesia Tatau Convention 2015

From April 01, 2015 to April 05, 2015
Polynesia Tatau Convention 2015

The Polynesia Tatau Convention is French Polynesia's official tattoo festival. Tattooists created this annual cultural event for tattoo artists and the general public.

Tattoos fans will have plenty of choices during this convention, at the Musée des Îles in Punaauia. In fact, the different participating tattooists will each have a unique style: black and white, color, Japanese, tribal, realistic, Polynesian... Tattooing, which has existed since the depths of time, was interrupted for more than a hundred years. It has recently regained its place in French Polynesian culture.

There will be entertainment during this time of the festival, including concerts with local music artists, as well as traditional dance performances and tattoo demonstrations. The public will be able to admire each artist's work as well as receive tattoos on site.

The mission of this convention is to gather and unite all tattooists in French Polynesia as well as from Europe, Japan, the United States, and various regions of the Pacific, such as Samoa, New Zealand and Australia.

The event was created with the goal to promote, protect and highlight all aspects of Polynesian Tattooing.


Musée de Tahiti et des Îles
Pointe des pêcheurs ' Nu'uroa, Punaauia
BP 380 354
98718 Tamanu

Admission fees and rates

500 CFP (4€40)

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