The Overlord Museum at Omaha Beach

From June 05, 2013 to June 30, 2013
  • Omaha Beach

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    Omaha Beach

    © Atout France/PHOVOIR

The Overlord Museum at Omaha Beach 14710 Colleville-sur-mer fr

In Normandy, just kilometres from Canada's Juno Beach Centre (in honour of Canadian troops) and a short distance from the famous "Omaha Beach", a new museum opened its doors on June 5th 2013. The "Overlord Museum" is named in symbolic reference to the code name used by the Allies to designate an operation of the Battle of Normandy. This operation began on June 6th 1944, the day of the Allied invasion against the German occupation.  

The Overlord Museum traces the historic events of 1944, from the landing to the liberation of Pariswhich put an end to Second World War (WWII) in Europe.

The collection

The Museum presents a unique collection, consisting of artifacts found mainly on Normandy's soil in the past 40 years by Michel Leloup, who lived through this time period and took part in Normandy's reconstruction.

Indeed, the Leloup collection contains more than 20,000 objects, half of which will be exhibited in the museum. Items vary from French and American soldiers' personal effects and aviation parts (found in large part on Normandy's soil) to enormous armoured vehicles. The collection represents the 6 armies present on the day of the landing.

The Battle of Normandy's scenery is staged in a very realistic way, complete with sound and light effects, manikins, vehicles, tanks, and artillery to help visitors re-live these historic moments.

The museum has also set up interactive tools, video terminals, computer graphics and audio guide tours to attract all generations and to allow visitors to determine their own itineraries.

The facility's diversity and quality makes this museum unique for an emotional journey through time.

Admission fees and rates

Full Price : €6.90

Reduced price : €4.90 (on presentation of proof)
- Children from 10 to 18 years old
- Students
- Persons with Disabilities
- Military

Normandy Pass : €5,90


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