Les Collections vintage in Paris

From September 25, 2012 to September 26, 2012
  • Les Collections Vintage

    Les Collections Vintage

  • Les Collections vintage

    Les Collections vintage

    © Elodie Froc Lusson

  • Louis Féraud vintage dress, circa 1960

    Louis Féraud vintage dress, circa 1960

    © Elodie Froc Lusson

Les Collections vintage in Paris 75001 Paris fr

During the Paris Fashion Week, look no further than the elegant Hotel du Louvre where the first ever Parisian event dedicated to iconic, luxury and inspirational fashion will take place, conveniently between shows from early on the 25 to late on the 26 September 2012.

Elodie, Catherine, Tara, Sarah, Valerie, Martine, Sylvie, Elisa and Patricia. As experienced collectors with sincere passion and knowledge of fashion through the ages, we’ve been yearning for some time to present our vintage fashion collections with the kind of ambiance and authenticity that restores faith in the true sense and value of the word. And here we are.

Lovers of fashion, jewellery and luxury accessories will be presented a selection of most loved pieces tracing the history of the past century.

Show time

Hot on the heels of Paris Fashion Week, Les Collections vintage will take you on a fashion journey through time: from the corsets and crinolines of the Belle Epoque, to the chiffons and sequins of the Roaring Twenties. From a profoundly feminine New Look, to the pure lines and graphics of 60’s Space Age and so on. Courreges, Cardin, Yves Saint Laurent and Dior are among some of the prestigious houses we will be displaying. Collectors looking for exceptional pieces, professionals seeking inspiration and fashion lovers with appreciation of true vintage come forth!

Opening times

From 10am to 9pm


Metro: Palais Royal - Musée du Louvre (Line 1)
Parking: Parking Pyramides, 15 rue des Pyramides, 75001 Paris

Admission fees and rates

10 euros

Things to see

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