Happy Cristal at the Musée Lalique in Alsace

From November 23, 2013 to January 05, 2014
Happy Cristal at the Musée Lalique in Alsace Rue du Hochberg 67290 Wingen-sur-Moder fr

This year ending rimes with special staging at Musée Lalique ! A staging made out of crystal and lights for the special event "Happy Cristal !"

There are regions where Christmas traditions are much more alive than anywhere else... In Alsace, country of Christmas markets, the Musée Lalique plays with lights and materials to create a fairyland with the event "Happy Cristal !". 

The light plays in the crystal with glow: a real immersion in one of the seven countries of Christmas in Alsace : the country of lights. The elegance of Lalique, the crystal pureness, the magic of lights... this is an invitation to rediscover the magic of Christmas in Alsace.

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