"Gardens, Garden" at the Tuileries Garden in Paris

From May 31, 2013 to June 02, 2013
"Gardens, Garden" at the Tuileries Garden in Paris 75001 Paris fr

To mark the 400th anniversary of Andre Le Nôtre's birthday, the Louvre Museum (Paris) has organized a series of celebrations to glorify the genius and ambition of this exceptional landscape architect.

Throught signage, historical documents and images, an exhibition-walk in the Tuileries Gardens will allow visitors to understand the garden's composition and structure.

How did André Le Nôtre design the Tuileries gardens? What were his requirements? Come and discover the garden during this free tour.

André Le Nôtre and the Tuileries Garden

André Le Nôtre is one of the most famous French landscape and garden designers in history.

At the end of the sixteenth century, Queen Catherine de Medici, who was garden connoisseur, ordered the construction of a large park to adorn the Tuileries' Palace. She wanted a real Italian garden which would be a place of leisure and sumptuous feasts.

In the seventeenth century, Louis XIV commissioned André Le Nôtre to design the garden. The official King's gardener therefore began designing what was to become one of the most visited gardens in the capital today, consisting of bushes and foliage.

Today, the Tuileries Gardens is the largest and oldest public garden in Paris, and it is the ideal location to celebrete Le Nôtre' s anniversary .

Opening hours

  • Friday from 10 am at 8 pm
  • Sunday from 10 am at 8 pm
  • Saturday from 10 am at 7 pm