Les Floraisons Musicales Festival

From July 19, 2013 to September 15, 2013
Les Floraisons Musicales Festival 84600 Valréas fr

The Floraisons Musicales further the blooming of a lot of artists, young musicians, and famous performers, of whom the talent makes live the soul of the historical and prestigious places of the Provencal region.

Born in 1997 at Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the festival still goes to and from Provence: it musical mobility from summer to autumn comes together artistic quality, sincerity, and conviviality.

An artistic identity

The violinist Pierre Hommage gave to the Floraisons Musicales a strong and original artistic identity: enriched by his experience of concert artist with the more celebrated conductors and performers, he devises his programming with the demand and the authenticity of great artists.

The personalities of the French musical world border on talented strangers performers that the audience discovers with interest. Since its creation, the festival is an open stage for young talents, whether soloists or members of the festival orchestra.

The classical music is at the heart of the programming, also opened to multidisciplinary shows: world music, dance, literature, visual arts.

The Floraisons Musicales are too looking for new artistic experiences and enrich with inventiveness their musical process, for example with strolling between music and vine enhancing an exceptional terroir.

Opening and conviviality

Thanks to exception sites which receive theirs concerts, the Floraisons Musicales create a particularly convivial atmosphere appreciated by a wide audience: a warm space of meeting and discoveries in which each one, music-lover informed or novice can meet up and enrich themselves of a new contact with music and artists.

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