Distilleries Celebrations

From December 01, 2014 to February 28, 2015
  • Distillerie au Feu de Bois

    Distillerie au Feu de Bois

    © S.Laval

  • Distilleries en fête

    Distilleries en fête

    © S. Laval

Distilleries Celebrations Cognac fr

Winter is the distillation period of Cognac. This is the time of the "Distilleries Celebrations". From December to February, the wine-growers open the doors of their distilleries to let visitors discover this magic moment of distillation in the amazing copper stills. On the programme: breakfast at the foot of the stills, discovery of the distillation process or the art of creating eau-de-vie, concerts in the wine warehouse, etc.

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