Les Détours de Babel Festival in Grenoble

From March 25, 2014 to April 12, 2014
Les Détours de Babel Festival in Grenoble 38000 Grenoble fr

The CIMN and the ‘Détours de Babel’ Festival

After more than 20 years, at the crossroads of so-called “art” music and “modern”music, whether composed or improvised, the 38e Rugissants and the Grenoble Jazz Festival have decided to merge, creating the “International Centre for Nomadic Music” (CIMN), which, year round, creates activities dedicated to creation, and a new springtime festival called “Détours de Babel” Festival. Its approach bears witness to the new stakes of musical creation, reflecting the cross-cultural nature of society today.

Each year, a theme is chosen, with the aim of resonating with societal issues. For this second festival, “Détours de Babel” is exploring the relationship between music and politics, on the
theme “Music and Religion”.

Admission fees and rates

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How much costs your place for a concert ? For certain events, you are free to give the amount which you consider just and possible, from an euro (in round figure).

Free entrance
The entrance is free for some of our concerts as in the CHU or in libraries, and in public place.

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Bring friends, family, children ! Benefit from special prices for groups of 6 to 10 people.
Please contact Vincent : 04 76 89 07 16 or vincent@detoursdebabel.fr

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