Centenaire aérien Somme 14-18

From September 12, 2014 to September 14, 2014
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Centenaire aérien Somme 14-18 Rue Francis Desavois 80440 Glisy fr

In Picardy, in the skies above the Somme where the first military planes flew, the Centenary of the Great War will be commemorated with an airshow in Amiens. The programme includes maiden flights, demonstrations by prestigious planes, veteran planes exhibited on the ground, children’s kite-making workshops, scale model making, and more. 

  • Friday, September 12: day dedicated to school
  • Saturday, September 13: flights (local, historical planes, maiden flights), in the evening a film outdoors and swelling of hot-air balloon
  • Sunday, September 14: Flight in the morning, the airshow closes in the afternoon


Association "Centenaire aérien Somme 14-18"
Aérodrome Amiens-Glisy
80000 Amiens

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