Rendez-vous at Schaeffer-Woerly Estate in Dambach-la-Ville

  • Schaeffer Woerly Estate

    Schaeffer Woerly Estate

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    Wine tasting room

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Rendez-vous at Schaeffer-Woerly Estate in Dambach-la-Ville 3 place du Marché 67650 Dambach-la-Ville fr

The Schaeffer-Woerly winery is located in Dambach-la-Ville, in the heart of Alsace.
The Estate is 7 ha (~17 acres), and the vineyards are spread amongst the cities of Dambach-la-Ville, Scherwiller and Dieffenthal.

The proudly produce a full range of Alsacian wines, including:

  • The Sylvaner
  • The Pinot-Blanc Auxerrois
  • The Riesling
  • The Muscat
  • The Tokay-Pinot Gris
  • The Gewürztraminer
  • The Cremant

Cremant d’Alsace is an Alsace AOC sparkling wine (approximately 12% alcohol), with a fruity taste, mostly due to the type of grapes used in production (typically Pinot Blanc, but also Pinot Gris, Riesling, or Chardonnay). Its traditional method of development, identical to Champagne, creates a delightful effervescence.

The Vendanges Tardives

The grapes are harvested later in the season, when the climatic conditions allows it. This allows for a higher sugar content, and a pleasant aroma.

Stemming from sandy, granitic soil, the wines are the result of a semi-Organic production. At every stage of production, the Estate staff utilize traditional methods, in order to maintain authenticity, and quality. This is precisely why all the grapes are hand-picked, guaranteeing the best bottle of wine possible.


Vincent Woerly
3 place du Marché
67650 Dambach-la-Ville
03 88 92 40 81

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