Rendez-vous to Maison Taittinger

  • © Carmen Moya/ Reims Tourisme

    © Carmen Moya/ Reims Tourisme

  • © Carmen Moya/ Reims Tourisme

    © Carmen Moya/ Reims Tourisme

Rendez-vous to Maison Taittinger Reims fr

Vines…endless vines

The “St-Rémy,” the “Plat des Coutures,” The “Impériale,” the “Rouges Fosses,” the “Beaux Regards,” these parcels, acquired over the years, unite both the heritage and history of the Taittinger Champagne House. Today, this 288 hectare vineyard spans 34 different crus, among the best in the region. This covers approximately 50% of grape needs. This supply is completed with the purchase of grapes or wines carefully selected and obtained with independent winemakers and several cooperatives.

Mass selection

Despite trends, 50 years ago Taittinger made the choice of mass selection for 90% of its vineyard. Where a clonal selection parcel comprises a dozen different plants that reproduce identically, a mass selection parcel comprises hundreds.The method showcases the know-how and expertise of the team that selects the finest possible vines. This process more natural and random than clonal selection is a prerequisite to guaranteeing the complexity and personality of each of Taittinger’s wines and to preserve the genetic patrimony of our region.

You have an appointment at 17 meters below the surface of the Earth

All year round, guides will welcome you to discover the art of Champagne making, at the heart of a unique place that links 4th century chalk mines with the vestiges of a 13th century Abbey.


Practical information:

Guides welcome visitors from Monday to Sunday (including Bank Holidays) during the season (April to November), from Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) out of season.
Tours from 9:30 am to 11:50 am and from 2 pm to 4:20 pm (It's recommanded to arrive several minutes prior to the start of a visit, and to dress warmly. The visit is a walking tour.)
Paying cellar tour lasts 1 hour, followed by a tasting.

9, Place Saint-Nicaise
51 100 Reims
Tél. : 03 26 85 45 35
Fax : 03 26 50 14 30

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