Rendez-vous at the Guiana Space Centre

  • Guiana Space Centre

    © ctguyane

    Guiana Space Centre

    © ctguyane

Rendez-vous at the Guiana Space Centre 97387 Kourou gf

Discover the wonders of the Guiana Space Centre

Head to this French rocket launch base near the Kourou region. Enter a world of space legends and let the countdown begin!


Come and visit the base and let us guide you through with itineraries each week organised by the centre. From Ariane to Soyuz or Vega, come and marvel at rockets more than 50 metres high!


Explore the space museum filled with interactive activities, allowing you to further understand the history of space exploration or the first moon landing. Fun and virtual workshops make you feel like you're actually there!


Come and watch the Ariane rocket launch from your very own space observation site. Share in the excitement of the countdown before gazing at a spectacular take-off, then hold your breath and watch the different stages of lift-off on a giant screen, as well as how scientists launch satellites into orbit!

Come and visit the base!

  • Free, bookings only
  • Suitable for children 8 and over (children younger than 8 are encouraged to visit Jupiter).
  • A valid ID is required: passport or national ID card.


Centre Spatial Guyanais
Kourou 97387, French Guiana
Information and bookings : Tel. +(594)5 94 32 61 23

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