Rendez-vous in Givors

  • View of Givors and the Rhône river

    View of Givors and the Rhône river

    © Wikimedia Commons / Camster

  • Rhône and Gier confluence

    Rhône and Gier confluence

    © Wikimedia Commons / Camster

  • Saint-Martin-de-Cormas Church

    Saint-Martin-de-Cormas Church

    © Wikimedia Commons / Verod1

Rendez-vous in Givors givors fr

At the confluence of the Rhone and Gier rivers, Givors is located 25 km south of Lyon, on the road to Saint-Etienne. Tucked between the mountains of Lyonnais to the north and west, and the foothills of Pilat to the south, it is a hub linking the region of Saint-Etienne, Velay, and Drill with the Dauphiné, the southern part of Lyon and the Rhone Valley.

Riverside, between city and countryside, the town offers pleasant hiking trails, accessible to all, to enjoy the Regional Natural Park of Pilat by Hill St. Gerald.

Not to miss in Givors and around...

  • The "Stars" of Jean Renaudie
  • Saint Gerald Castle (12th century)
  • Saint Lazarus Church, Saint-Martin-de-Cornas
  • Bans Church Saint Pancras (12th century)
  • Notre-Dame Church, Givors Canal
  • Givors Bridge
  • The bridge of friendship
  • La Maison du fleuve Rhône

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