Rendez-vous at Domaine Champagne Mercier in Epernay

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Rendez-vous at Domaine Champagne Mercier in Epernay 68 Avenue de Champagne 51200 Epernay fr

In 1858, Eugène Mercier took up the incredible challenge to make champagne – the wine of the elite at the time – accessible to everyone without ever compromising on quality.

Still today, the renown of this wine is demonstrated by the fact that it continues to grace the tables of fine restaurants and French bistros alike. In 2013, Mercier Champagne is reinventing itself, offering a simpler way of enjoying it with friends.

The quintessence of Mercier Champagne is the reflection of a decidedly contemporary lifestyle.

Mercier, a member of the LVMH group

Since 1987, the brand has been preserved by the world’s leading luxury group LVMH.

Like Dior, Louis Vuitton and Guerlain, Mercier is a distinctive brand with unique expertise. It is a brand that has developed and grown over the decades. Thanks to the quality of its wines and its rich history, the brand responds to the uncompromising values of excellence, expertise, talent and heritage that unite all the LVMH brands.

Audio guided tour

The visit begins with a film that tells the exploits and innovations of its founder, Eugène Mercier, visionary of the "Champagne for all occasions." In 1858, he shook up Champagne traditions by creating ad campaigns.

The tour continues with a panoramic lift that descends 30 meters underground! On board a guided train, visitors travel for 45 minutes through the beautiful galleries, decorated with monumental wall sculptures of chalk created by Gustave Navlet, before rising to the surface to enjoy a glass of Champagne Mercier.


Tours available in French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch and Russian with audio guides.


Information and booking:
Champagne Mercier
68 – 70 Avenue de Champagne
51200 Epernay
Tel : 03 26 51 22 22

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