Canadian Cemetery at Hautot-sur-Mer

Canadian Cemetery at Hautot-sur-Mer Hautot-sur-Mer fr

This Commonwealth military cemetery, which is also known as the "Cimetière Canadien des Vertus", was first established in 1942.

955 soldiers are buried here, including 707 from Canada, 232 from the UK, 4 from New Zealand, 3 from Australia, 2 from Poland and one from India.

The land upon which it was built was offered to the Commonwealth by the French people so that the soldiers, marines and pilots that it honours may continue to rest in peace.

The first bodies were buried in 1942, but headstones were not officially put in place until 1948.

The graves are arranged in symmetric rows and each tombstone is carved with the name, dates, regiment and emblem of the religious affiliation of each fallen soldier.

The majority of soldiers buried here, 783 in total, were those who sacrificed their lives during the Jubilee operation (otherwise known as the Dieppe raid.)