Rendez-vous in Caen

  • © Boats in the "Solitaire du Figaro" race, in the first leg linking Caen to Ireland.

  • © ATOUT FRANCE/CDT Calvados

  • © ATOUT FRANCE/CDT Calvados

Rendez-vous in Caen 14000 Caen fr

Caen, port of call in Normandy

A destination where land and sea meet

Caen is a major destination with a rich architectural heritage reflecting a thousand years of culture and history. Founded by William the Conqueror in the 11th century, the city has some remarkable monuments, like its two monasteries, true jems of Roman art, or its Ducal castle, one of the largest fortified enclosures in Europe. 

Caen offers guests a unique setting, right in the heart of town, the maritime sweetness of its marina mixes with the green elegance of the racetrack and its many parks. Caen has a rich cultural life: there are many museums (The Caen Memorial, the Museum of Normandy or the Museum of Fine Arts) as well as a theater and the zenith.

In addition there is a wide variety of gastronomical delights on offer and a wide selection of hotels. There are also an array of shops, well-known chains and a vibrant downtown - definitely a must-see!

The essentials in Caen

  • The Abbaye aux Hommes and the Abbaye aux Dames, two gems of Romanesque art born out of a love story between William the Conqueror and his beautiful Matilda
  • The Caen Memorial: a museum that plunges visitors into the heart of 20th-century history
  • The Ducal castle that overlooks the city, offering an exceptional panoramic view
  • Other museums like the Museum of Normandy or the Museum of Fine Arts, both located in the castle
  • The canal linking Caen to the sea
  • The amusement park "Festyland" based on Normandy history.

Give yourself a break

The Caen Tourism Office offers a range of vacation opportunities throughout the year. Whether with family or friends, treat yourself to a weekend trip to Caen! In this vibrant city go on scenic excursions, fascinating tours, family activities or day trips... There's something for everyone!

Caen pulls out all the stops

Normandy is a region renowned for its gastronomy: Camembert, Calvados, Pommeau, cream, St. Jacques scallops... food sure to make your mouth water. Caen also contributes to this reputation with its own specialties (including the famous Caen tripe) and its wonderful restaurants.

Caen now has three Michelin-starred restaurants.

Caen looks forward to seeing you...

  • International Competition of Defense Arguments (January) 
  • Balkan Spring, Festival of Balkan Cultures (March-June)
  • Passing the Torch, literary festival (May)
  • Rétrofestival, classic car show (July)
  • Viva Voce, vocal music festival in Lower Normandy (July)
  • Festival Beauregard, Pop Rock Festival (July)
  • Caen summer evenings, street performances (July-August)
  • Peninsula in Celebration (September)
  • Caen International Fair (September)
  • Nördik Impakt Festival, discovering electro culture (October)
  • The Lights of Normandy, northern creative festival (November)

In Caen there is so much to explore!

Getting to Caen

  • SNCF train station (frequent trains to Paris): 2 hours from Paris
  • Caen Carpiquet Airport (daily and international routes via the Lyon hub)
  • Channel harbour (liasion Caen-Portsmouth)
  • A13 to Paris, Rouen and La Havre, A84 to Rennes and Nantes, A88/A28 to Le Mans, and A29 towards Lille

Contact and Information

Office de Tourisme de Caen
Place Saint Pierre
14000 Caen
Tel: +33 2 31 27 14 14


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