Rendez-vous in La Bastide-Clairence

  • La Bastide-Clairence

    © Hôtes Basques

    La Bastide-Clairence

    © Hôtes Basques

  • La Bastide-Clairence

    © Isabelle Brigout

    La Bastide-Clairence

    © Isabelle Brigout

Rendez-vous in La Bastide-Clairence La Bastide-Clairence fr

Located in the heart of Basque Country in close proximity to Biarritz and the Spanish border, La Bastide-Clairence is a typical Navarrese bastide, or fortified town. Classified among  France's Most Beautiful Villages, La Bastide-Clairence has retained its rich heritage and historical past while still welcoming contemporary influences.

Established in 1312 as a refuge in Navarre, the village attracted a diverse population including the Basques, Gascons, pilgrims following the way of St. Jacques de Compostelle, and a Jewish colony in the 17th century.

Today, this small village with traditional houses and a typical Basque church is abuzz with the activity of its many artisans, who also own most of the stores in the village. Their products are both unique and high-quality making it an ideal place to shop for unusual gifts and souvenirs.

La Bastide-Clairence is also known for its local farmed produce. There are many active farms located in the village's heights, some of which welcome visitors to discover their animals and the wide variety of their products.

Not to be missed

  • The church of Notre-Dame: dedicated in the year 1315, this church was originally the only stone building in the village. Its cemetery is organized in a courtyard surrounding the cloister, a unique feature of Basque architecture.
  • The beautiful white houses with boldly painted red (and sometimes green) shutters, exemplary colours of the region.
  • The Jewish cemetery: After the Spanish Inquisition, 70-80 Sephardic Jewish families settled in La Bastide-Clairence. Their legacy is highlighted at the cemetery.

In the surrounding area

  • The Belloc Abbey where monks produce a well-known Brebis cheese.
  • The Isturitz and Oxocelhaya caves, the former featuring ancient prehistoric remains and the latter with impressive rock formations such as stalactites.
  • The protected area of ​​Bayonne and its St. Mary's Cathedral.


By plane:

  • Biarritz airport (30 km away) 
  • Pau airport (100 km away) 
  • Bordeaux airport (200 km away)

By train: SNCF station at Bayonne (20 km from the village)

By car

  • From Bordeaux, Bayonne: route A64, exit 4 Urt
  • From San Sebastian, Biarritz: route A63 to A64, exit 4 Urt 
  • From Pau, Salies de Béarn: A64, exit 4 Urt


La Bastide-Clairence Tourism Office
Place des Arceaux, 64240 La Bastide Clairence
Tel: 33(0)5 59 29 65 05


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