2017: A cultural season dedicated to the "Gardens of the Loire Valley"

  • Château de Chenonceau

    © Gillard & Vincent

    Château de Chenonceau

    © Gillard & Vincent

  • Bateau Loire

    © D.Darrault

    Bateau Loire

    © D.Darrault

  • Jardin de Plantes de Nantes

    © Claude Ponti

    Jardin de Plantes de Nantes

    © Claude Ponti

2017: A cultural season dedicated to the "Gardens of the Loire Valley" Val de Loire fr

Since the year 2000, the Loire Valley, between Sully-sur-Loire and Chalonnes-sur-Loire, has been inscribed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. As an inseparable part of the Loire Valley landscapes, the gardens were one of the major features of this inscription.

In particular, the gardens of the Loire Châteaux were, and continue to be, places of innovation, adopting new forms during the Renaissance under the Italian influence. They are also acclimatisation spaces for foreign species which blossomed thanks to the River Loire and its climate.

In 2017, the Loire Valley presents us the garden in all its forms: a genuine outdoor palace, public gardens, family gardens, plant engineering and much, much more... These different forms shape remarkable landscapes.

In 2017, the "Gardens of the Loire Valley" cultural season will bring together around 70 sites from Chambord to Angers, from the beginning of spring in March until Saint Catherine's Day in November, as she is the patron saint of gardeners. Highlights include:

- Creations or (re)creations of historic gardens, original or lost, such as Domaine national de Chambord, which will present the (re)construction of a French garden based on archaeological excavations – www.chambord.org

- Exhibitions with Château d’Angers, which will host a photography exhibition "Treasures of the gardens of Anjou" – www.chateau-angers.fr

- Events, including the world-renowned International Garden Festival at Domaine régional de Chaumont-sur-Loire: – www.domaine-chaumont.fr

- Cultural activity for Château Colbert, which adjoins Maulévrier Oriental Park, and organises "Music and theatre in the gardens" www.chateaucolbert.com


Everything you need to know about the Loire Valley is to be found on the www.valdeloire-france.co.uk website. Launched online in 2015, www.valdeloire-france.com was set up as a website inviting people to discover a destination in which lifestyle and hospitality are everything. With its promise of “A trip to France”, the Loire Valley is an area that boasts many of France’s assets.