Retro-Tour, a ride by side-car with a gentleman

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Retro-Tour, a ride by side-car with a gentleman 75004 paris fr

A trip through space (and time)... by side-car

Real Parisians are taking me for a ride on their side-car. They're really great and so is their bold retro look: their outfit, their beard, reminiscent of the past and their thick glasses. 


They take me through the most idyllic streets of the capital, all the way sharing tales about their city: "Look, I went to school here. And this pub is a must-see in Paris, you have go to go on Friday night. Here is the smallest square in Paris with... a tree and a street light."


We arrive at the beautiful Place des Vosges. On one side, the Pavillon du Roi, facing the Pavillon de la Reine. Do not hesitate to walk in the luxury hotel to take a peek at its inner courtyard. So beautiful and calm!

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