Rendez-vous in the Ospedale Forest

Rendez-vous in the Ospedale Forest 2A Porto-Vecchio fr

The Ospedale Forest owes its name to an old hermitage (hospital) hosting travelers and shepherds since the 15th century, making their way up the mountain. In the hamlet, the San Leonardo Church was restored in 1996. In sunny weather, the Ospedale site provides a magnificent view of the Porto-Vecchio gulf.

Just above the village, at an altitude of 948 metres, lies an artificial lake. The small villages of Agnaroru and Cartlavonu are also good starting points for mountain treks. The summit of the Vacca Morta is easily accessible, and its panoramic view over the hamlet of Cartalavonu is a must-see destination as well.

Ospedale is a beautiful forest of pine and beech trees, with plenty of paths for hikers. It was also the site of a stage finish in the Criterium International for the past four years.

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