Natural sites & protected areas in Atlantic

  • LACANAU - Gironde - Aquitaine

    © Atout France - Phovoir

    LACANAU - Gironde - Aquitaine

    © Atout France - Phovoir

Natural sites & protected areas in Atlantic 44000 Nantes fr

Coastlines are a living and sensitive place

Contact line between earth and sea, and meeting point between salt water and fresh water, the shore is a place with a great biological diversity which is composed of a variety of natural environments.
If our coast is rich, it's also threatened and the French state carry out its important responsibility to make sure that it could be given in good conditions of preservation for the next generations...

  • Biosphere reserves

Designation of « biosphere reserve » by Unesco is assigned to a local firm which has to establish a management policy and sustainable development policy for the territory concerned.

At the moment, it exists 2 biosphere reserves in France. The main issues are keep the biodiversity, scearch a balance between the touristic activity and preservation of environment and natural areas, sensibilisation of population, pupils and visitors about the areas fragilities and wealth.

  • Marine natural reserves and coastal

With its 5500 km of coastlines, France metropolitan has a big variety of natural environment : 35% of sandy and pebble beaches, 13% of cliffs, 28% rocky coastlines, 24% de of marshes and mudflats.

Along coastlines, 34 national and regional natural reserves (more than 127 000 ha) have marine or coastal habitats.

23 are situated on the facade North sea, Manche, Atlantic and 11 on the Mediterranean including Corsica.

  • Aquitain : infinitely beaches

All starts from Gironde, which marks the end of the Garonne trip. The Médoc comes first, offering 90km of coastlines with a dozen resorts. The most famous are Lacanau, Soulac-sur-Mer, Montalivet, Hourtin et Carcans.

Then, comes a straight beach which extends over 230km, towards the mouth of Adour. This beach has given its name to the Argent coast hemmed of dunes whose Pilat. This is the biggest and the highest in the Europe with 114m.

Behind we can find a geant pine forest whose plantation began in the eighteenth century to drain the marshes and fix the dunes.

This beach is interrupted by le Bassin d’Arcachon where oysters are producted (with the same name).

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