Health :

  • Pharmacies<?xml:namespace prefix = o />

Usually open from 8am to 8pm non stop, sometimes later. On Sundays or Holidays, a pharmacy "on duty" , called « pharmacie de garde», is always available. You can find the address of the closest « pharmacie de garde » posted on the door of every pharmacy.

To access the «  pharmacie de garde » at night or outside the regular opening hours, you can either call the closest police station who will warn the pharmacist of your visit, or ask the doctor on duty to do it for you, if you just consulted one.

  •  Emergency  numbers 

European emergency number112


Please note: In France, the firemen units are also trained to provide emergency medical services such as on scene care and transport for injuries or illness.


If you are victim of an accident and need medical assistance, go to the closest ER.


  • Smoking

A new decree of November 15th, 2006, has  determined to ban smoking in public places, closed or open spaces welcoming the general public,  workplaces, health establishments, schools and any place educating, welcoming or housing minors, as well as the entire public  transportation network.
Since January 1st,  2008, banning has been extended to all the so-called « convivialité»  places: hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, casinos and discotheques.
It is however allowed to smoke on the terrace of the cafes and restaurants, as long as these are not covered.
The  creation of a smoking section  is not mandatory and must comply with a certain number of requirements specified by the current regulations.

  •   Alcool & Drugs

Alcoholic beverages can be bought in grocery stores, wine and liquor stores and supermarkets. Please note that being intoxicated on the public highway constitute an offence.

The maximum blood alcohol level for driving is 0,5 gr. alcohol per liter.

Bars and cafes are not allowed to sell alcohol to minors under 16. Wine and beers can be served to minors under 18, but not spirits.

In restaurants owning the simple  « restaurant »  license, you can't order alcoholic drinks without having a meal as well. 

Possession, use and selling drugs is forbidden in France.