French gastronomy classified by UNESCO

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French gastronomy classified by UNESCO

On November 16th, 2010, UNESCO declared the French gastronomic meal a precious part of the world’s intangible cultural heritage. 

As a social practice and custom that aims to celebrate life’s important moments, these festive meals include:

• the careful selection of dishes from a constantly growing repertoire of recipes
• the purchase of good, preferably local products whose flavours go together well
• the pairing of food with wine;
• the setting of a beautiful table;
• specific actions during consumption, such as smelling and tasting items at the table; and
• respect of a fixed structure, beginning with an apéritif and followed by at least four consecutive courses (a starter, fish and/or meat, cheese, dessert), ending with liqueurs.

This tribute to French gastronomy takes place at a time when popular passion for convivial meals is at high point. With an increasing number of TV shows, radio broadcasts, festivals and events, French people today are now more interested than ever in celebrating the art of their traditional meals.

This UNESCO classification also merits recognition worldwide, as gastronomy is indeed the first reason why many visitors choose France – especially today with the growth of oenotourism. If tourists are looking to sample good products, they also wish to stay with local people to share their meals with them. This shows that the French art of living is as attractive to travellers as are French dishes and wine.