Fine Martinican cuisine: varied, fragrant and flavourful!

Fine Martinican cuisine: varied, fragrant and flavourful!


Martinican cuisine has developed an international reputation to rival that of its luscious rums. Martinican AOC label or “controlled origin” rum is considered by connoisseurs to be the best rum in the world.

The climate in Martinique and the wealth of the land and the sea are the crucible for an incredible variety of products that inform and enliven the island’s culinary arts. The seabeds are crammed with seafood and fish that fishermen hawk, fresh from the sea, early in the morning. Meat and fish are served with a wide variety of vegetables from the Creole garden: yams, sweet potatoes, taro, breadfruit…

To add an even more exotic touch, Martinican Creole dishes often add a touch of vanilla, cinnamon, cumin, colombo, coriander or West Indian bay leaves.

When it comes to dessert, the island offers a huge selection of tropical fruits: pineapples, bananas, mangoes, papayas, star fruit and others.  For those with a sweet tooth, treasures await at the pastry, chocolate and ice cream shops. The banana pâtés, coco bars, Gâteau Mont-Blanc and scented sorbets will have you swooning with pleasure.

Festivals and traditions govern life and food in Martinique, and every momentous occasion has its own specialty! At Christmastime, family and friends gather to enjoy Creole pudding, pork ragout and Angolan peas, all washed down with schrubb, a rum and orange liqueur. Easter is the time to indulge in crab matoutou fricassee, eaten together on the beach.

Other feasts centre around Creole goat curry, pâté-en-pot stew or hot chocolate and butter-bread.

In Martinique, there are restaurants scattered all over the island that offer exciting gastronomic adventures. Whether you’re at the seaside or in the heart of the village, you’ll always find a welcoming table, beckoning with the talents and expertise of our chefs.