• Phone calls 
    - In France, phone numbers have 10 digits starting by 0. When in France and calling a French number, simply dial the 10 digits, regardless of the region you are calling.
    - To call France from Canada, dial : 011 (international access code) + 33 (country code for France) then the phone number without the initial 0
    - To call Canada from France, dial 00 (international access code) + 1 (country code for Canada), followed by the area code and phone number.
    - International calling cards are sold in newsstands, tabacco shops and some stores.
    - To call collect from Canada to France, dial 3006 and follow the  instructions. To call collect from France to Canada, dial 08 00 99 00 16.

  • Public phones
    - They work with calling cards known as "télécarte",  available in cafés-tabac,  post offices, some newsstands and some stores.

  • Phone directories
    - You can look up phone numbers of businesses, hotels, shops, restaurants and such on the Yellow pages at: and persons on the « White pages »

Cell phones:

France and Europe use the GSM 900/1800 networks which are incompatible with the North American  GSM 1900 network.. Check with your local service provider about compatibility or packages offered.


Access to Internet is easily available throughout France.

  • In internet cafés, called "cybercafés" (rates may vary from 3 to 5 euros per hour).
  • At the FranceTélécom and Orange's Netanoo stands, accessible with the local calling cards. ("télécarte")
  • Wireless access is on the rise and is available in many hotels, cafés, and public places.
     In Paris, the Pass Paris Wi Fi   provides wireless access from 260 Parisian sites.