Accessible France

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    © Tourisme & Handicap

Accessible France

France aims to be accessible to all visitors.

The "Tourisme & handicap" label

This association, created in February 2001, aims to heighten tourism professionals' awareness of the needs of people with disabilities within travel and leisure spaces. 
The “Tourisme & Handicap” label is now used nationwide. Taking into account 4 categories of disabilities (hearing, visual, mental and physical), its role is to provide a reliable, detailed and objective information on accessibility within tourist sites and facilities, as well as to develop a range of adapted tourism products and services: accommodations, restaurants, cultural sites such as museums and monuments, parks and leisure facilities.

moteur  Physical disabilities 

  mental  Mental disabilities 

  visuel  Visual impairments 
  auditif   Hearing impairments

Disabled parking permit

Since January 1st, 2000, the French disabled parking permit has been replaced by a European version.

There is no equivalent for people traveling to France. Visitors may however bring their own sign and use it. Even though it’s not officially recognized in France and there is no guarantee, parking attendants are usually more understanding and tolerant when this sign is posted in the car.

Getting around

By train : the SNCF (French railway company) offers the "Accès Plus" service to travellers with disabilities.

  • How to reserve the service:
  1. Contact the "Accès Plus" service at least 48 hours in advance.
  2. An agent will assist you with information, seat bookings and all the necessary arrangements depending on your needs and request. 
  3. All the necessary information is then sent to the different stopovers along your itinerary prior to your arrival. 
  • The day of your trip:
  1. You will be met at the train station. After showing your ticket to the agent, you will be assisted to your train and seat. 
  2. On board the train, the ticket collector will attend to your needs and make sure all is well.  
  3. Upon arrival (and if you have also booked an assistance service), an agent will be waiting for you to take you to the exit or a meeting point in the train station. 
  4. If you have a connection in the same train station, the agent helps you to the waiting room, coming back later to escort you to your next train.
  5. A helpline is available by phone and SMS (for the deaf and hard of hearing). From outside France, dial +33(0) 890 640 650 and press 2 (€0.11/min incl. tax), or send an SMS to +33(0) 610 640 650 (no surcharge).

By plane: Air France provides an assistance service called Saphir to facilitate traveling for disabled passengers. For information, call 1 888 5 SAPHIR (toll-free).

Culture and Tourism

Over 3,000 sites (museums, monuments, hotels, restaurants, holiday rentals, beaches and more) are accessible to people with disabilities in France.